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We believe that after a lifetime of giving us their all, horses at the end of their competitive careers deserve more than just being forgotten in a dirt paddock. Everything we do is based on the mindset that the horses who give us their all deserve the same from us in return. All of our retired horses receive daily, hands-on care. We go above and beyond to give your horse the best possible care in an idyllic setting for their retirement years and only accept a limited number of retirees in order to ensure each horse receives top-quality, individual attention.

Our retirement program includes:​

  • Management of all necessary care for retired horses

  • 24-hour turnout or custom turnout schedule

  • Administration of medication, supplements, and non-veterinary medical care 

  • Grooming and fly spraying

  • Blanketing

  • Management of veterinary, farrier, and therapeutic services 

  • Overall health and wellness of horses are monitored closely

  • Horses are checked daily

  • Regular updates on how your horse is doing

  • Onsite manager & staff

  • Prices start at $475/month

Interested in retiring your horse at Cherry Knoll Farm? Contact Us for more information and complete pricing

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